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The Baby Summit 2015

by admin on August 16, 2015

I wanted to tell you all about my weekend at the beginning of this month. I headed to sunny Queensland, along with three hundred other newborn photographers, to attend the first annual The Baby Summit. It was the brainchild of one of my favourite newborn photographers Kelly Brown, who then roped her husband Rob and best friend Garret Hollis into helping her make it a reality.

It was three days of amazing photographers speaking about their business and showing us how they conduct a session, as well as laywers, accountants, a midwife, an SEO expert as well as a trade show full of camera and lighting gear and so many beautiful props that all our purses were screaming in pain!

The only thing I expected from the whole weekend was to learn. Holy cow did I learn!!!!

The opening keynote was given by Sue Bryce. Sue is an amazing glamour portrait photographer who started out in her New Zealand garage before moving to Sydney and now resides is Las Vegas. Not only does Sue take beautiful photographs of women of any age, but she is one hell of a motivational speaker. It was like she reached out and shook every single one of us.

Then I attended a talk by Rachel Vanoven, a newborn photographer from the USA. It was during this talk that my chair started to move. I was about to turn around and growl at the person behind me for kicking my chair when I realised it was an earthquake! This 5.6 magnitude rumble shook the whole of Twin Towns and totally freaked out our lovely speaker Rachel. We so need t-shirts saying we survived The Baby Summit earthquake of 2015!

Anyway, after lunch I watched Erin Hoskins, a newborn photographer from Perth, photograph a little baby. She was amazing to watch work.

On Sunday I was brought to tears by Kristen Cook. Oh my goodness, the passion this woman has for her photography and capturing the love and moments for other people as well as enjoying your own was truly inspiring.

After seeing Erin Hoskins work the day before, I listened to her speak about the business of photography. This woman knows her stuff. She says what she does and how much it costs and she is proud to tell anyone who asks.

That night was the cocktail party. That was so much fun! I introduced myself to a couple of other photographers and we danced and had a great night.

For the final day, I watched Melanie Kellerman photograph a newborn. Her work is so pure and natural and she is just such a lovely person.

Then I watched Luisa Dunn, who does colour so spectacularly with newborns, I am envious.

Finally it was time for us all to head back into the main auditorium to hear Sue Bryce kick our arses into gear. Oh.my.God. Own it. Shut up and get out of your own way. Be proud. Work your butt off. Be a business person. Again, I had tears and Sue was given a standing ovation as she thanked us all and told us to run towards what we want.

All these people gave us their time and all of themselves so that we could learn and be inspired. Their time was not wasted because I came away from there with my heart full and my head exploding with new ideas for my photography and my business. Being around three hundred other like-minded (mostly) women was pure joy and I cannot wait until next year when I can tell Kelly Brown and every other photographer I met there just how much this year changed everything for me.

So watch this space beautiful people because amazing things are happening xx


PS here’s a few iPhone snaps from the weekend. No, I didn’t take my camera. God that was invigorating! Lol


TK's Photography The Baby Summit


The view from the hotel room
TK's Photography The Baby Summit

Much needed over the weekend. Thank goodness they were only a block away!
TK's Photography The Baby SummitMe, Rachel Vanoven and Emily Black at the cocktail night.


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