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What can happen in a year….2015

by admin on January 19, 2016

Wow, it’s 2016 and we’re already at the end of January! When did that happen??

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year. My Christmas was spent lying on the couch watching movies and binge watching tv series on dvd and Netflix. Santa photos totally wiped me out. Don’t misunderstand me, I LOVE doing Santa photos every year. Our Santa (at Meadow Mews) is the.best.in.Launceston. Watching the kids’ faces light up when he talks to them about their Christmas wish list, witnessing the total meltdowns when they realise oh.my.goodness.he’s.right.there!!!!!! The smiles we get are truly magical – unfortunately the germs aren’t and usually wipes us out by Christmas Eve. Thank goodness Santa has the foresight to put lots of dvds under our tree!

A dose of antibiotics and a couple of weeks rest and spending time with my family and I’m ready to get back into my photography again. This year it will be a little different. Let me tell you why…….

Near the beginning of last year I managed to work myself into a tight little stress ball. I didn’t realise I was doing this but my body was obviously feeling the pressure because I spent a few days in hospital on painkillers and antibiotics. Oh joy. *sarcasm* So began the process of trying to avoid stress and watch what I ate so I could help my body cope more. The silver lining being I lost five kilos. Yay me!

Then in August I headed to the Gold Coast to attend the first annual Baby Summit. This is a conference aimed at maternity, birth and newborn photographers who gather together to learn from not only the best in our industry, but also in business. People not in this industry don’t see what goes into running a successful photography business once you’ve finished creating the images. Nobody sees what goes on behind the scenes, and it’s the same with any industry. There’s the editing, insurance, accounting, marketing, pricing, sourcing products, blogging, communication with clients, continually learning and honing your craft and much more, as well as trying not to totally ignore your husband, children, family and friends.

It was at this conference (and I’m headed back there again this year!!) that I made a decision that would benefit myself and my family – I am not going to photograph weddings anymore. Now this came as a bit of a shock to me as weddings is where I started, many years ago on film while second shooting for my photographer father. Holy crap! No more weddings. That scared the crap out of me but also got me so excited! That would mean my weekends would be spent with my family, I would no longer suffer from a sore neck and shoulders driving home from the wedding or be woken that night with muscle cramps. Yep, my body is a sook! lol

Of course I have weddings already booked for this year and I will photograph every single one of them whole heartedly, no different than before, but I am not taking bookings for any more.

Why did I make this decision? Because my heart of heart lies with photographing maternity, newborns and cake smashes.

I think pregnancy is the most beautiful miracle in the world. Don’t ever doubt the strength of a woman. What our bodies go through to grow a tiny human being, nourish it and then welcome it into this world is nothing short of a miracle. Lots of women don’t feel this beauty though, and I was one of them! Especially during my second pregnancy where I suffered with gestational diabetes and felt like total crap until I learnt to manage it. I want to bring this beauty out in every pregnant woman I meet and capture this for her to see.

Newborns! Oh my goodness the newborn smell is the best.smell. in the entire world (followed closely by freshly cut grass, rain and coffee)! Let me cuddle them, inhale them, drink them in while you snooze on the lounge. I’ll capture their perfection, their uniqueness and probably their pee! That last bit takes skill 😉

Then when they turn one, come back in and join the fun down on the studio floor with me as your little one smears icing all over themselves (and you, and probably me!) during a cake smash. Then to clean up a little, they can splash in the miniature clawfoot bathtub complete with bubbles and rubber duckies. Party time!

My studio is in Reuben Court, Kings Meadows, right next door to Meadow Mews. I’m there by appointment so if you’d like to book or meet me for a chat, please call me on 0439984559 or email tanya@tksphotography.com.au. I’d love to meet you!

Anyway, that’s the deal with me. I am now your maternity, newborn and cake smash specialist photographer. This year is going to be amazing!

Tanya x


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