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Paisley, 8 weeks old

by admin on August 25, 2019

I first met Paisley’s parents under the most heartbreaking circumstances. I was the Heartfelt photographer that photographed their beautiful angel baby Addelyn at the LGH. So when Harry called me to say they’d had another baby, I cried, I was so happy for them.

This couple were the absolute sweetest and had the most loving, and a little cheeky 😉 , family around them so I knew how adored little rainbow baby Paisley would be.

Harry & Alynta brought Paisley in when she was eight weeks old and I swear, I have never seen a baby more beautiful. Paisley’s eyes are mesmerising and her lips so perfect. Talk about a doll.

We had to get an image of Paisley surrounded by her parents’ tattoos. Dad’s tattoo is in honour of Paisley and mum’s tattoo, which dad also has, is in honour of Addelyn, Paisley’s big sister who will always be watching over her from Heaven.

Congratulations again to this beautiful little family.

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