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launceston baby photography

Ava 18 days newborn photography

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I was so looking forward to my cuddles with Ava after meeting her beautiful parents a few weeks before for their maternity shoot, which you can see here. Ava was 18 days new when she visited me and she was an absolute doll! Such a beautiful, sweet little girl although she makes me yawn every […]

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Lilly 19 days newborn photography Launceston

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I has so excited when Jess & Matt brought Lilly in to the studio for her newborn shoot. When I saw that strawberry blonde hair, I could have easily brought her home with me! With mum being a horse lover, they brought in a saddle for Lilly to snuggle up on. I also loved that […]

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Stella 7 days newborn

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I was very excited when Stella’s mum let me know that she’d been born! I’d met mum Tara and big brother Cruz the month previous for their maternity shoot, which you can see here, and couldn’t wait for sweet baby cuddles <3 Cruz was the most loving big brother I’ve seen! Despite being full of […]

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Sitter sessions!

Sitter sessions are a fun and adorable age to photograph! Baby is smiling and laughing and sometimes wobbling if they’ve only just gotten the hang of sitting on their own. Usually done when bub is between 6 and 9 months old, depending on their individual journey.  

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Cleo – newborn photoshoot

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This has to be one of my favourite families ever, they are the nicest people you could meet and it was such a pleasure to photograph them! Felix brought his sister Cleo in to meet me when she was just 15 days old, but she was still 8 days shy of her due date. It […]

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McKenna’s cake smash!

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I get some amazing personalities in the babies I see and McKenna is no exception! The facial expressions this girl pulled throughout her cake smash session had me and her mummy in stitches!! Check out that face! And she attacked her cake from every angle she possibly could! It was lovely to be able to […]

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Ella ROCKS her cake smash!

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I was so excited to see Ella and her mummy when they came in for her cake smash…..unfortunately Ella didn’t feel the same. At the start, Ella was a little sad, not wanting to have her photo taken but then I brought out the cake……. OMG Ella has now set the standard for all cake […]

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Max – 11 days newborn

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So I had another road trip back to Stonor to photograph little Max when he was 11 days old. I took very little with me in the way of props as Ebony had a special blanket and other things she’d been given and Max’s solo pics were taken in his cot and on the nursery […]

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Mia’s Cake Smash

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A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Mia and her brother Carter. They came in to celebrate Mia’s first birthday with a cake smash and we grabbed a couple of pics of the two of them together first. These are two adorable kids! And Mia, she is such a funny little […]

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Callum – Launceston newborn photographer

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I cannot tell you how excited I was when Callum’s mummy let me know that he’d finally arrived! As he was their third baby and the second I would photograph, I was so happy to cuddle him and see the whole family again, even though I saw them for Tegan’s maternity session. Callum continued my […]

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