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milk bath

Max – 11 days newborn

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So I had another road trip back to Stonor to photograph little Max when he was 11 days old. I took very little with me in the way of props as Ebony had a special blanket and other things she’d been given and Max’s solo pics were taken in his cot and on the nursery […]

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Ebony 35 weeks pregnant

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A little while ago, Allie Hill – Makeup Artist and I went on a road trip to Stonor to photograph Ebony in her bathtub. She was 35 weeks pregnant and wanted a milk bath shoot and we were thrilled to be able to do this for her! Of course, we played around outside too (it […]

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Haylee – Launceston Maternity Photographer

Haylee was 37 weeks pregnant when she visited my house for her maternity shoot. Yes, my house this time. I wanted to do a milk bath and I don’t have a bath in my studio! Haylee’s skin was so soft after the milk bath. All these images, where Haylee is not in the bath, were […]

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