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Cake Smash

McKenna’s cake smash!

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I get some amazing personalities in the babies I see and McKenna is no exception! The facial expressions this girl pulled throughout her cake smash session had me and her mummy in stitches!! Check out that face! And she attacked her cake from every angle she possibly could! It was lovely to be able to […]

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Ella ROCKS her cake smash!

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I was so excited to see Ella and her mummy when they came in for her cake smash…..unfortunately Ella didn’t feel the same. At the start, Ella was a little sad, not wanting to have her photo taken but then I brought out the cake……. OMG Ella has now set the standard for all cake […]

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Mia’s Cake Smash

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A couple of months ago I had the pleasure of meeting Mia and her brother Carter. They came in to celebrate Mia’s first birthday with a cake smash and we grabbed a couple of pics of the two of them together first. These are two adorable kids! And Mia, she is such a funny little […]

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Charli – Launceston cake smash photographer

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I was in disbelief when Charli’s mum rang to book her cake smash session – was she really turning one? I swear the years are just going way too fast! Charli was not too impressed with her yummy giant cupcake but thankfully she cheered up once the bathtub was brought out. She had a great […]

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James’s Cake Smash

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When James’s mum rang me to say it was time to book in his cake smash session, I was a little stunned! Surely he’d only just been in for his newborn session! Sometimes I can’t believe how quickly one year can fly by, but I was so happy to welcome this family back into the […]

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Lily-Ann’s cake smash!

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A little while ago, Lily-Ann came in to the studio to celebrate her first birthday with a cake smash BUT – it was a Minnie Mouse cake smash! She looked so adorable in her mouse ears, even though they didn’t stay on for long! Not really into the cake, Lily preferred the bath tub and […]

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Alfie’s cake smash

When children spend their actual first birthday with me celebrating with a cake smash, it feels a little special! So I was excited when Alfie’s parents travelled from the East Coast to see me. Again, I meet the nicest people with my job! What a funny little man he is! Alfie wasn’t that excited about his […]

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Willow-Grace’s cake smash

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I often can’t believe it’s been one whole year since I photographed a newborn baby and now they’re coming in for their cake smash! Where does that time go? I still remember little Willow-Grace’s newborn chubbiness, I wanted to nibble on her, she was so adorable! Now here she is, back in the studio as […]

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Phoenix’s Parramatta Cake Smash!

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I was so excited to have Phoenix back in the studio to celebrate his first birthday. Me being a Parramatta supporter – being an NRL supporter – in a state that’s into AFL, it’s rare to find a kindred spirit, and I’ve found that in Phoenix’s mum! So of course we were having a Parra-themed […]

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Milla’s First Birthday Cake Smash

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Milla came in with her big brother and sister last month for a couple of sibling photos before we brought out the cake for her fist birthday cake smash. As you can see, Milla wasn’t that keen on the cake – she preferred to push it onto the floor than eat it 😉 She enjoyed […]

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