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Danielle & Geoff {Eloped} 4th July

Yay! I can finally share this wedding!! At the end of June, Danielle & Geoff headed down to Geelong Courthouse and got married on the quiet. Well, as quiet as it could be when Geoff’s parents and most of Danielle’s family knew lol. Anyway, in July they headed to Tasmania for what everyone thought was […]

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Cindy & Matthew {Married} Christmas Hills Raspberry Farm

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In January I got to photograph the wedding of Cindy and Matthew. This was the most girly you will ever see Cindy apparently – usually they’re all on the farm in jeans, flanney and boots covered in dust and who knows what else so Cindy’s wedding day was her fairytale day. She looked absolutely stunning […]

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How I’ve filled my Saturdays lately

Hi all, I¬†wanted to share with you this video I made up of just some of the weddings I’ve photographed over the last 5 months. http://animoto.com/play/3Fufmz9nBRZrzZCtri005g

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Jenny & Dave’s Wedding

18th August, 2011 – I travelled down to Hobart’s Royal Botanical Gardens to shoot the elopement of Jenny & Dave. They arrived in Tassie from Perth, Western Australia, with Dave’s parents under the rouse of a holiday and it wasn’t until the day before that Shirley and Peter found out that they’d be the witnesses […]

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